Friday, September 16, 2016

US destroys 'Islamic State' chemical weapons plant in Iraq | News | DW.COM | 13.09.2016

We all need to be aware of these types of attacks. Weaponised Chlorine is very dangerous, and not that hard to make from bulk liquid chlorine which is readily available for theft or diversion in the USA. Mustered gas would be harder to make here in the USA, but it is possible. Cholorine is still used in many of our Water Plants in the USA, it has required enhanced security as well as enhanced communications capabilities to warn surrounding communities of these plants. One of the vulnerabilities not addressed fully has been the transport of the Gas Cylinders to the water plants, often these transports have more chlorine cylinders than used at the plants. One well planned traffic accident in the middle of a city could be devastating. Many of our Hospitals are not ready to handle mass casualties of this type.
from CTI Consulting

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