Thursday, September 22, 2016

White House staffer's email hacked revealing Michelle Obama's schedule | Daily Mail Online

Most of this does not read right, some of the information looks to be correct, like what the staffers are paid. The people being protected, are not usually shown in security setup photos, the event has not happen yet. The steps up stairs are something that does show up in both staffer and security advance work, so for some in the EP field you may learn a little bit. I have no reason that a staffer would have the First Ladies Passport, it is not something a staffer would have. I don't think this photo of the passport is altogether a bad thing, it is probably available to govt officials both in and out of the US, that would have had to pass it on to a some functionary, and copies get made, but I doubt this is a valid photo, maybe, but what difference would it make. I have shown up in Wikkileaks when they hit the Governments information. Damaging, not really in my case, but I did know what was being said about me from two different Governments. We really need to be careful on what we put in emails, anyone can get hit. Or they can hit someone you emailed too, so be careful.
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