Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Airports seen adopting discreet screening measures to allay security fears | Reuters

This is in reaction to a lot of the attacks this and last year, and are needed to shore up our security at airports. The big question is what is the next attack going to look like, TSA and most Security Experts point to the insider threat vulnerability. There have been insider plots thwarted in the past, and if the rumors are to be believed a number are being monitored right now. The Nuclear Industry used to use three scenarios for attacks against them based on Insider Threats, none it found could really be stopped or even detected by technology, only by the constant awareness of fellow employees. I think this is also true of airports, hospitals, even court houses. Remember the attacker of the Pulse Night Club in Florida had previously worked at the local court house. The bomber of the Brussels airport, one of them, had worked off an on at the airport for years prior. We need to understand the insider threat and train our staff to report anything unusual.
from CTI Consulting

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  1. This is certainly true. The tactics of attackers have now changed to those who are already in place and are willing to go to the side of the bad guys. In short, those who don't believe in the possibility of an insider threat attack should really get educated, and do so quickly. We are closing the gaps to outsider threats, but what is being done for those who are already working at their potential target site? I'm not saying be paranoid of fellow coworkers, but certainly being vigilant and paying attention to potential flag signs is certainly a good idea to start with as well as not being afraid to ask questions if someone is having a hard time or having issues.