Thursday, October 20, 2016

Borderland Beat: Tijuana: Zona Norte the principal point of sale of drugs

Tijuana has seen a spike in crime to include murder and kidnapping. The control of the Plaza is the main point of contention, but also a small area of the city know as Zona Norte has become the local hot spot for drug sales in the city. Control of the drug sales in this area is also in contention with sellers switching sides (never a healthy move in Mexico or the USA) to which ever cartel or cartel sub leader gives them the best deal. Happens a lot in drug dealing but not when you are dealing directly with cartels, they tend to strike out. A Brownsville Grand Father did that and a box of pipe bombs was sent to his house. We all need to be aware of this rise in crime in Mexico, since it normally means it will spill over to the USA.
from CTI Consulting

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