Thursday, October 13, 2016

CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley

This myth that legalizing Marijuana will calm a lot of the violence needs to be held up against the legalizing of alcohol after prohibition. The gangs did not stop, or even slow down, they just moved to other criminal enterprises. The new up and coming young turks of the drug trade have already figured this out, hence the incredible rise in Oil thefts, kidnapping, human trafficking. There is also the problem of tax, the gangs for the prohibition era found that it was still very profitable to bring in alcohol they could bypass taxes with, and pocket the difference. This moved to cigarettes and other consumables. So no the legalization of marijuana or any other drug will lower crime, it will just make the bad guys move to another illegal activity, and often a more violent one. The way to stop bad guys is to go after bad guys.
from CTI Consulting

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