Monday, October 17, 2016

Darkweb marketplaces can get you more than just spam and phish | CSO Online

Here is for many the first real introduction to the hackers supermarket of off the shelf hacking products, by the way some of the hacks are given away, well you have to request them showing to the FBI and world what you are interested in. One FBI Cyber Specialist had me sit down at an old XP based system, and proceed to go on the Dark Web, download a wrapper with a malware attached, for free, and sent me an email from a person I know's account, they faked it, I opened the email, watched Santa come down the chimney, and presto chango the FBI agent had total control of the computer. He wrote emails for me, to friends of mine, he took and email I wrote and changed it before it actually got sent. Turned on the camera on the computer showed the room it was in, did the same with the microphone. It was amazing, and all from a simple download from the supermarket shown here. Just shows you do not mess with Hackers, or the FBI for that matter.
from CTI Consulting

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