Saturday, October 29, 2016

How Podesta's Gmail Account Was Breached | The Smoking Gun

We all have to be very wary of any "change password" emails, Podesta's staff fell for the Phishing scam, but so are people all over the world every day. I have a lot of security on my computer, and get attacked virtually every 15 minuets are so. The chances of getting hit by a successful attack, are almost 100%. In the past week, the vulnerability called the Atom Bomb attack was reviled, which exploits a path past virtually every security system out there. You also found that the US Government has suggested that no one working with the Government should use Lenovo computers, they have found Chinese have put vulnerabilities into the computers, this post is being written on one of those Lenovo computers. I think you and I need to be realistic and understand the vulnerabilities of our computers, telephones and everything else hooked up to the internet at this time. Post is beining written on a Lenovo computer.
from CTI Consulting

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