Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to become a Bodyguard! The MOST Comprehensive Training Available - YouTube

We have just finished a two day in depth training for Executive Protection teams on Explosives, from how they work, to how they are used, to how best to find them and or mitigate the damage they can do to a corporate executive. The students walked away with the skills to protect their clients of bomb attack. In addition they have the ability to help clients from Doctors Offices, to Court Houses develop Mail Room bomb threat plans, to include teaching people who handle the mail how to recognize and deal with suspect mail and packages. Add to this each student can help their clients of all types deal with bomb threat phone calls, emails or other threats. How to evaluate the threat for credibility and also how to use the threat to help track down the bad guy. Bomb blasts can destroy a business, so knowing what damage a bomb can cause from a brief case to a large semi trailer truck is critical. Developing reasonable stand off distances are needed, each student has the capability to give blast pressure levels, and what distance from what threat is needed to keep you and your business safe, These are skills every EP and corporate security teams need to have in this age of bombs being used by assassins and terrorists. The student had to pass a final test that showed how they worked as a team and as a single person in protecting clients from bombs. All have passed, and would be a great asset to any corporate or EP team that wants to have explosive protection skills. Well done folks.
from CTI Consulting

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