Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches

ISIS is promoting the use of knife attacks a lot now days. There's actually a lot more State and Local laws restricting the carry of knives than fire arms. So a good first step in stopping knife attacks is reporting people carrying them. Many Police are not that clear on knife laws, you may have to educate them as you report it. Not all knives have restrictions, it normally goes by length of blade and if it is a folding knife by how it opens, and at times how the blade locks in place. Some laws also have restrictions on the type of blade, for instance double edged blades can be restricted. You need to know the laws in your area. Most knives talked about in this article, would be illegal to carry. Next is getting out of danger, personally I consider knives for the most part more dangerous than firearms. So running is always a good start. Getting things between you and the knife carrier also helps, like doors, tables, even chairs, anything that keeps the blade away from you. If you have even a small knife, ,it can help to keep them at a distance, but engaging is almost always a bad move. If you have a firearm, you need to understand that Police tests have shown that even a trained Police Officer can not pull and fire a weapon if the attacker is closer than 2o feet from you. So even armed you should go back to the first two options, running and getting something between you and the attacker. The difference being now you are looking for time to draw the weapon and get it into firing position. There are some videos in the article on fighting people with knives, I would suggest you go back to options one and two. Put on an old shirt and have someone attack you with a deadly magic marker, now look at all the magic marker marks on you and your shirt, it isn't as easy as the video depicts. Hope this helps.
from CTI Consulting

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