Monday, October 31, 2016

ISIS use improvised devices to target children as forces close in on Mosul | Daily Mail Online

I teach bomb classes all over the world, and people always ask me what a bomb looks like, here are a few. Now tell me what are we looking for. the answer things that do not belong there. Seeing a toy truck, or a teddy bear, in a place you would not expect them is part of the warning. To target children with these is just off the charts, but they are doing it, and we all need to keep our eyes open for this type of attack. AQ has attempted to use fire extinguishers a number of times in the USA. In both case our law enforcement officers caught the attackers, by questioning the reason for them to be carried into the country. Bombs can be made to look like anything, it is up to us to notice when an object does not fit the pattern or place we find them. It does not mean each thing is a bomb, but it does mean we need to be suspect of it, till we or someone else clears it.
from CTI Consulting

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