Friday, October 28, 2016

Malware from Friday's DDoS attack continues to harass in short bursts | PCWorld

This type of attack has been coming for sometime, what we need to stop and think about, is these bot's have been in place in all these Internet of Things (IoT) for sometime, and not to harass a few people, they are there for a large scale attack on something critical. Like Wall Street exchanges, or DOD defense controls. That it did happen to these not as important targets, means either some hacker kids decided to use them since they are there, or some big player wanted to test the attack plan, to see how it worked. In either case we need to deal with this problem. For home owners go out an buy a cheap router and do not hook it up to the internet, just use if for your devices at the home like the refrigerator, the thermostat, other items in the home using the IP connections that you do not need to have connected anywhere but in the home, or office. When we design security systems we try and keep the systems off the internet, even away from non security systems like admin and such, you can do the same for your home, your cheap router can handle your security systems, record them so you can see what is going on, with out putting it on the internet. There are some cheap cameras out there that even experts have not been able to close all the loop holes in them for the hackers. If possible try and keep your systems hardwired not wireless as much as possible, this takes away even more vulnerabilities, but make sure when you do you turn off the wireless capabilities from the devices, or hackers in the nearby areas can still use them to get into your system, but they would have to be in the area. CTI has developed a basic construction or renovation standard for business on implementation of non wireless devices, that we would be glad to share with you if you need it.
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