Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Military Warns Lenovo Poses Cyber Spy Threat

As I write this on an Lenovo laptop, I am wishing I had bought the HP. But once you really get into this Chinese manufacturing issue, as I have had to do researching for a Cyber Security Class I teach, you start to understand that this whole computer and router approach China still uses, has evolved into making chips for computer makers all over the world, Sony camera chips are made in China and then put in cameras made all over the world. The chip that allows for IP V4 to translate to IP V6 is predominantly made in China and has been found to break security of IP V4 traffic as it passes. Still this is of grave concern, and I am looking for a way to make this computer as safe as I can. I am running a spectrum analyzer around in for at least a few hours a day to try and detect any remote traffic, but even that is hard with all the IP traffic around so much of the time. We in the USA and much of the world have given over our chip manufacturing to China and other countries in the area, so I would hate to see what could happen if we ever did get into a war with China, would our IT infrastructure be turned on us. It is a real threat, and I am glad people with a lot more knowledge of the subject are on it for us. I wish them luck it is indeed a brave new world out there.
from CTI Consulting

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