Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Scanners and Conveyors Could Make Airline Security Faster and Safer - Bloomberg

The biggest part of the new agenda for screening check points, is the same cat scan type technology for screening check points as they are using for checked baggage. It was and has been a goal for TSA since it's inception, but the cost, size and weight of the machines made it impossible. But through the years some vendors have come up with smaller cheaper machines that did not weigh as much. This puts them in the right place to perhaps make this happen, but still size and cost are still hard problems to surmount for replacing all traditional x-ray systems at check points. Even with a lower cost, they are usually 10 times the cost of x-ray systems, and have much higher maintenance and testing costs as well. The size has come down, but we are still looking at a 35% bigger size at the moment. This would mean a 5 unit x-ray check point may have to down size by one maybe even two machines. It will be interesting to see how the thru put matches up. Now the automation of the bag belts, has from all reports been a success in the places it has been tried, but the story is still being written. I think an old lady or man is going to go nuts when all their stuff is moving away from them as they stand their trying to get the other shoe off. There is also the question of theft, crews of baggage thieves work airports all over the US, they have stallers, pass off people and the greatest bags to grab stuff off screening belts and walk away with your camera, even your whole bag. This new automated system would seem to be just what they ordered, as people are separated from their bags for periods of time. This should be an interesting Holiday season.
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