Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Technology At Detroit Metro Airport Allows Travelers To Move Through Security Lines In A Flash « CBS Detroit

It is interesting to see Clear in airports again, they made a big push before TSA did Pre, but I have not seen so much of them since. TSA actually had a program like this for a while called registered traveler, it did the finger prints and eye scan, along with a picture on a Smart Card, at the time smart cards had relatively small storage, I think is was 2 or 3 megs, now they are avaialable with much larger storage. I used it at Houston's airport the most, but it was at other airports as well. Next to Pre I am not sure what this will buy you, to get the TSA to make a clear only lane, it would have to need room and staff, which most airports just do not have, nor does TSA have the staff., But lets see how it goes.
from CTI Consulting

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