Friday, October 14, 2016

No Injuries After Legoland Bomb Threat (Learn More) - American Security Today

Businesses have to learn to deal with bomb threats, this threat evacuation was very costly, we do not know the wording of the written threat, but we do know most threats are false in the USA, over 90%. Not evacuating can be devastating if even one life is lost. But ISIS and others are looking to see how these threats are handled, and responses like this lead them to tell their followers to make a lot more phone calls. Blackmailers are also watching these events to see if they can use threats to gain money, this was tried recently at an airport on the border, the threat was an email, which has much been the most used recently. Finally look at businesses in competition to your business, with a few phone calls, they can cause you many millions in losses. At some point businesses have to make valid decisions on handling bomb threats. ESI just had a bomb threat class where students have been taught how to help corporations and executives deal with bomb threats, Using a method to evaluate a bomb threat can help you deal with them much better and justify your decision. Evacuation every time a phone call threat is made is going to bankrupt your business, but you can always fall back on the, we did not want anyone hurt, as your business goes out of business by evacuating, every time there is is a threat. Tough call but that is why you need to be trained or need to hire people that can help you evaluate the threat.
from CTI Consulting

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