Saturday, October 15, 2016

Police: 7 killed, 14 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings | Chicago Sun-Times

We all need to find a way to end this mess in Chicago, there are possible solutions, a small suburb near Chicago has seen an 85% reduction in crime. and more importantly an almost total end to gang violence. It may not fit in Chicago, but it could perhaps be modified to work, we have to try something. In a world of rising crime, new methods are needed to combat it. Security needs to evolve just as crime continues to do, we have seen methods such as stop and frisk almost totally stopped in some cities. When in fact Stop and Frisk has been a tried and tested in the courts method for years. Normally known as,“Detain or Restrain a person or property for a reasonable means or period of time in order to confirm or dispel suspicion under principals of Terry v. Ohio”. Which is a court case that was expanded over the years in a series of other court cases, not deemed unconstitutional. It perhaps was abused at times. which is why in the end the Stop and Frisk as had came to be known did get on the bad side of a Judge. Lets get back to Terry v Ohio, it is still being used, it is a valid crime reduction method. It just has to be used judiciously as it was intended. Chicago has also been perhaps trapped in a crime reduction program called the Chicago Method, developed by Chicago University if I have it correctly, it pays Church's and citizen organizations like the one's President Obama started out with in Chicago. The method is not working from what the world can see. But to stop the flow of funds to the Churches and other organizations would hurt their cash flow, and no one is ready to get on the bad side of these Churches and Organizations. We need to find a way to keep paying them, yet try and move to other crime reduction methods. It can not be certain that anyone in use at the moment will be a perfect fit for the Chicago problem, but things can be tried and tailored to work, or at least reduce crime to some level, below what it is now. But as we started with, we (the world or at least the USA we) need to stop or at least reduce the crime in Chicago. A contact for the method being used just outside of Chicago is the Bensenville Police Department at 630-350-3455 or email Officer Joel Vargas at Let's make a move to stop the Gang Violence.
from CTI Consulting

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