Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Skeptical Bureaucrat: FBI = Folks Barging In

Low blow here on the FBI = Folks Barging In, but the situation is one we all need to look at. With out looking at the threat assessment that called for a vehicle barrier, one can not determine the barriers requirements, but as bad as this looks, if it met the threat level they are facing,one can only say ok, but if not, then either the barrier was given the wrong stopping level, or the assessment did not take in the total threat. But you need to be realistic on the threat or the costs can eat you up, and if not the gate where the barrier was, it would appear the fence associated with it, was far less protected. In the end the barrier was breached, but the vehicle was not going anywhere, so to me, it did the job, depending on the threat they felt they faced.
from CTI Consulting

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