Friday, October 7, 2016

United States’ FAA outlines PBN-centric vision | Air Traffic Management | Air Traffic Management - ATM and CMS Industry online, the latest air traffic control industry, CAA, ANSP, SESAR and NEXTGEN news, events, supplier directory and magazine

The move to this technology has been in progress for years, but still the cyber security issues are immense, China has made this technology a priority for their attack teams. No one has really come forward with an explanation of how a South Korean chopper drifted of course and was shot down by North Korea a few years back, but some initial reports centered on a hack of the GPS systems involved. Chinese documents show that they have had some success in hacking the system. This was verified by the USA in the last few years. They are attacking various parts of the GPS, and ground based guidance systems to be used. It should be dicey, since the Chinese are basing their systems on the same technology.
from CTI Consulting

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