Thursday, November 3, 2016

19-Year-Old Teenage Hacker Behind DDoS-for-Hire Service Pleads Guilty

This 19 year old exploited vulnerabilities in the IoT devices like 1400 plus home and office CCTV cameras that are wireless and cheap, another large number of routers for homes and small offices, as well as throw in another good number of smart refrigerators, smart thermostats, and a goodly number of smart TV sets. But the real bad news is from what the Law Enforcement and Cyber Security folks are seeing, lots of teen age hackers are learning quickly how to do the same thing. But say they do a denial of service to their school, or local Police or Parole office, then a lot of damage could be done. The answer in the short term is get these Internet of Things (IoT) off the internet. Buy a cheap, probably hackable) router keep it off the internet, and run your CCTV, scales, thermostats, and other devices off of the non internet connects router to a cheap computer that you had hanging around, so that records and recordings can be kept, but not hacked by the internet folks out there. The bad news is you will not be able to change the temperature of your home from the office or hotel you are staying at. But you can once you get home do all those things by logging on to the local cheap router you have not hooked up to the internet.
from CTI Consulting

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