Monday, November 7, 2016

20 Islamists Found Infiltrating German Army

This is a problem the world has to deal with now. It is not the first time the Military has had to worry about infiltration of bad guys either singly or in groups. The DOD is constantly on the watch for gang members either joining in groups, or forming up while in the Military. As for the Islamist issue, we in the USA under this administration may have tilted the scale a bit, to not judge the Islamic intentions in a bad way, over 60 radical Islamic, to the point of showing allegiance to ISIS or AQ , have been found working for our Government as TSA, Airport workers, and others. Another 170 are under active investigations. This happens anytime you tilt the scale, and has happen the other way around as well, just look at the interment of American Citizens of Japanese decent back in WWII. We need to keep our hands off the scale and let the process work, seems to be the answer.
from CTI Consulting

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