Friday, November 4, 2016

Body left hanging on bridge in Mexico's Tijuana

ISIS has nothing on the Mexican Cartels, what they do would put many ISIS folks to shame. People in rehab clinics in Mexico are attacked the Doctors and Counselors shot and the addicts driven out on the streets, so they will buy more drugs. The Cartels have no regard for fellow Mexican's lives, and even less for USA lives. They have the same business problem all business does, it they do not grow the management path stops. New talent has to find ways to stand out and make money, so violence is usually the answer. Make management notice you, and also make room at the top by killing the top guys, or turning them in. Business cycles are found in Cartels, Terrorist Groups, as well as in the halls of Wall Street, either grow to make room for new managers to rise, or watch good talent leave. Both are seen in the Cartel world, but they do not retire people like they do on Wall Street, they usually kill them.
from CTI Consulting

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