Monday, November 7, 2016

Cartels are leaving grisly displays as a warning at a major US-Mexico border crossing

You can hear ongoing gun battles from the US Side of the Border. From a number of points in South Texas cities of Mission, Rio Grand City, McAllen , all the way to the coastal cities near Brownsville. The Cartels have a mass grave yard in view of the US Side of the Border, near a small town of Progreso which is abandoned at times when the warring factions of the Reynosa and Mattamoros Plaza bosses are having at it. Other times the small town is a favorite for our Snow Bird visitors from the North, to go and get cheap medical work done, and pick up prescriptions at a very reduced rate from the cost on the USA side. We just had an assassin conduct a hit in the McAllen area and then we have a picture of him crossing the border into Mexico driving the same pickup truck he used to shoot the USA citizen, less than an hour later. Yes the Cartels are leaving signs of their presence, all along the border.
from CTI Consulting

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