Monday, November 21, 2016

Dangerous Rootkit found Pre-Installed on nearly 3 Million Android Phones

These phones, some sold by Best Buy, are often given as gifts to our children or friends, it is an android phone with the android operating systems but has a built in back door: Backdoor/Rootkit Comes Pre-installed The vulnerable OTA mechanism, which is associated with Chinese mobile firm Ragentek Group, contains a hidden binary — resides as /system/bin/debugs — that runs with root privileges and communicates over unencrypted channels with three hosts., China has not even started up two of the hosts, but the third is active and as soon as your phone links up to the internet sends your information out to the Chinese server for them to use. Since it is initiated by your phone, your firewalls on your routers do not even know it is happening. By the way since it is sent un-encrypted anyone sniffing the internet could catch the information and use it. China is playing in the weeds on this one waiting for one of your children to use a device like this or one of your employees to find the opening to attack your business or family's internet system.
from CTI Consulting

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