Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ding-Dong -- Your Easily Hacked 'Smart' Doorbell Just Gave Up Your WiFi Credentials | Techdirt

The Ring smart door bell that provides you video of someone at the door, is like all the IoT or (Internet of Things) a nice thing to have, but a security vulnerability that could come bite you. This is dealing with only one hack on this device, and the company has developed a patch for it, but if you have one already good luck on getting the patch installed. The key words in the advertisement of the device are easy to set up. This should be a warning to all, yes your going to be able to install the device easily, but they made it so easy that the bad guy can steal the access not only to the device, but also your access code to your router, and then to any device you have hooked up the the router, like printers, digital storage on the network, your scale in your bathroom. It does not have much if any security on it. The article also goes into the Comcast Home security system and how easily it can be hacked. As well it talks about the home smart Thermostat, that a patch was developed for, since it had a very critical vulnerability, now the majority of the almost million devices do not work with the patch, and the only fix is to send it back to the manufacturer. IoT can make your lives perhaps a little simpler, but at what cost.
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