Sunday, November 20, 2016

FBI Warns Of Thanksgiving Terror Potential; Walsh Says No Specific Threat To Boston « CBS Boston

There's no reason to panic, but to stay aware, use your training keep an eye out for unusual actions by people, remember everyone has a place to go or thing to do, even terrorists. You can see the family going to the mall, that is an easy one, now the single guy, even multiple guys walking in and watching , actively watching, not shopping not looking at girls, or meeting other guys, just watching. Watch when a police or security guard shows up, how they will try to not pay attention to them, but can't help themselves. This does not mean they are terrorists, because purse snatchers, robbers, even rapists all tend to conduct surveillance pretty much the same way. Bad guys are bad guys and a good purse snatcher can top a rookie terrorist in surveillance capabilities most of the time. So if you can pick out purse snatchers and pickpockets, terrorists are a piece of cake.
from CTI Consulting

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