Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Man jailed for bomb alert at Geneva Airport

This is the best way to stop these type of bomb threats, by big fines and jail time. Over 90% of bomb threats are like this one, just false alarms, but each one has to be taken and analysed by itself. We have procedures in place in the USA for evaluating these threats, and CTI helps businesses as well as Government entities develop polices and procedures on dealing with bomb threats. If you have policies in place and have had training on how to evaluate bomb threats, your legal liabilities should be minimized, no matter which way you chose to handle the threat. As I teach at the ESI bomb classes, airports and airlines have some of the highest rates of bomb threats, and normally is has to do with someone missing a flight, sometimes even flight crews call them in to try and hold the plane for their arrival.
from CTI Consulting

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