Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mexico: Bodies, severed heads found in hidden graves -

More bodies and parts of bodies found in central Mexico, some of them very new, some from past violence. Mexico needs a revolution to get back their country. This is just getting worse, even in the calm times the Cartels are just getting stronger, ready to fight for more turf, more distribution point, more cross over points. On the Mexico side, the Cartels are running and operating their business. On the USA side, the Cartels are more and more content to be upper level management and let controlled street and prison gangs to run, enforce, and manage the day to day operations. Most of the management on the USA side stay pretty far away from the dirty businesses, they may have records, but most do not on this side of the border. On the Mexican side, Cartels reach tenuous deals with different Government entities. The Government feels the need for these deals, for both survival and profit. The Cartels value the deal, but which ever cartel has the deal at the moment are always worrying about another Cartel moving in. That is the tenuous part of the deal, and both sides are aware of it each day. How to gain back control of Mexico from the Cartels is problem that does not have any easy answers, and all involve a lot of bloodshed to even get the direction reversed. But when it is allowed to get as bad as it is now in Mexico, it becomes very hard to turn it around. In the USA this turning point is getting closer every day.
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