Friday, November 18, 2016

Number of kidnapping cases this year highest in two decades - KR Magazine - Kidnap and Ransom News

Kidnapping is a booming business, we see the trend getting worse not better. Still most of it was identifiable before the actual grab, you just need to be aware. No kidnapper likes being noticed prior to the event, so just noticing them, maybe taking a picture of them with your phone can be a big deterrence. If you are wrong then throw the picture away after a while, but make sure you send the picture and any information to a place where others can find it. Send it to your favorite security consultant, I always enjoy getting these in the middle of the night. Still when they get home safe I just dump them and wait till the next time. I get them on folks going into strip clubs and worse, and as they come out, often followed by local thugs, looking for an easy buck. But most of the time the picture alone lets the bad guys know they are aware of them. What goes to your security consultant stays with them, till your safe again. Lady clients has sent some of the most interesting pictures, but it works for them as well. Have a safe holiday season.
from CTI Consulting

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