Tuesday, November 1, 2016

OCR Sends Message to Healthcare Industry with 2 HIPAA Settlements - Campus Safety

How does your Hospital, Doctors Office, or Business Associate even a medical Research Institute, stack up with the HIPAA regulations. In one case a laptop was stolen out of a consultants car, HIPAA went after the Consultants Firm. If you are dealing with health care records there are regulations that must be followed, even your HR department can run afoul of HIPAA regulations. In one case the Health Care Facility had a risk assessment done, but it was found to be too disjointed and haphazard to be effective, and fines were levied. For the first years of HIPPA no real follow thru on assessing plans or their solutions had been made, unless a complaint was made, now days things are getting more organized and 2016 was to be the year of assessments, but it will carry into 2017 for many initial assessments. Anyone dealing with HIPAA covered records, need to dust off their plans and make sure everything is working as stated in the plan. Do not forget the training it is imperative that the basic training be done, check your records to insure that all training for new hires has been done and is properly documented.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2exj84y

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