Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ohio man arrested boarding plane to allegedly join ISIS - CBS News

We have to stay aware, in two other instances like this, the attempt to join the Jihad was supplanted by conducting terrorist attacks over here. The threat these home grown Jihadists is real and from what we can see is very noticeable in hindsight. We just need to understand the actions and report suspicious activity as quickly as possible. The time from conversion to radicalization has tended to be very quick, for those not converting, but are Muslim, there still is a very quick conversion to radicalization that other people around them tend to notice. We just need to tell law enforcement of our suspicions, and keep an eye on them for further reporting. The FBI is getting better and better at dealing with these threats, and a lot of it comes from people reporting suspect activity. Remember we are the eyes and ears of our communities, if you have received training in detecting these precursor events, then your abilities are even more important to keeping us all safer. Military and police even retired are great people to watch,to see how they keep aware of what is going on around them, this is a skill that take practice, training if you can get it, but constant practice.
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