Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pre-installed Backdoor On 700 Million Android Phones Sending Users' Data To China

This is just a further update to what testers found on the ZTE phones you can buy in the USA for 10$ with out a cell plan. As long as you keep them off the internet they are fine, but if you do hook them up to the internet look out. One testing firm took a ZTE phone down as far as they could stripped all the software off of it, brought it back up with clean android software and it was reinfected by the firm ware on the phone before they finished. Make no mistake this is a dangerous phone to use, even if you just give it to your kids, as soon as you put the passwords in so the kids can use the internet at the house, it is one its way to China. scary stuff, we have found the same on a number of low end CCTV cameras you can buy at Wallmart even Best Buy, they have back door built into them that can compromise your home and office internet security. With the Christmas season coming up, please watch what you buy, at the end of every holiday Christmas buying spree CTI gets call on problems with their privacy, everything from internet toys to the kids, to remote phones for the house all can have back doors in them. Even that harmless remote controlled thermostat you bought for the house, can be a danger to your cyber security. In fact we have not found one home internet controlled thermostat that did not have a vulnerability to be hacked and quite easily.
from CTI Consulting

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