Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Probable Cause

This is a great article for all Law Enforcement and Security types to learn from. I also teach in addition to Terry vs Ohio, U.S. v. Mendenhall test for 4th Amendment seizures:, but the key as always is to get the officer to be able to articulate their basis for going to the next step. In a 7 hour class for police we show them how to develop the probable cause or reasonable suspicion. We use tests and presents to come up with ways to make the possible suspect react in ways that we can articulate why we believe that they are going to commit a crime. As stated in the post, it can be difficult since in the planning stages the bad guys know not to carry weapons or anything we can arrest for. Often all we have are pictures in their phone or diagrams they are using to set up the attack. Luckily there is case law for both these items to be valid to arrest. Well written article, thanks a lot
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