Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Risk & Insurance

Programmable Logic Controllers or Computers as they are described here are in virtually every business that uses computer interfaces to their manufacturing machines. This type of PLC attack is best known by the Stuxnet attack on Iran's Nuclear Program. PLC's are what controlled the spinning of the centrifuges used to separate nuclear materials so that they could make Nuclear bombs, they had thousands of them, and when the Stuxnet hit the PLC's they caused many if not the majority of the centrifuges to self destruct. What this scenario is dealing with are the PLC's that control the manufacturing process of the Beverage makers product. This could be any company that uses computers to control manufacturing which could be just about all of them. Please read this and see how vulnerable your product or company are. PLC's are used to control the Gates to airports, Gates in Prisons, valves in water plants, switch gear in our Power grid, even the lights in our traffic control computers all over the US. As you can see these cyber worms can hit just about anything, and they are very small programs that can hide in computers even PLC's for years before turned on. The Stuxnet has been altered by different groups and companies to come back and attack us in the USA, so we all need to be very careful. .
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2eAB51e

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