Thursday, November 17, 2016

Study: Deaths by Firearms Reach Record Highs in Mexico

Welcome to a country with some of the toughest gun control programs in the world. Yet, the bad guys always find weapons, but a citizen has to break the law in most cases just to defend their home, let alone themselves as they walk down the street. There are a lot of reasons for these record levels of violence in Mexico, but no one can say they did not bring it on themselves with the way the Government deals with the cartels and its citizens. After one small town rid themselves of the cartel control, the first thing the Federal Police announced as they ventured back into the town, was to take the guns away from all the citizens, now that the violence was over. Left undefended the cartels came back in force and killed most of the people that had fraught them. Mexico has no easy answer to the cartels and corruption that exists, and it is going to be painful to even try and take back control, but that is what they must do, for their children to have positive lives in the future.
from CTI Consulting

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