Friday, November 25, 2016

TSA annual test for screeners leads to firings, stress, turnover -

we are only hearing one side of the story here, but from a trainers point of view if only 100 failed out of 45,000 or so, then I would have to rate the test fair. I think the whole going to FLETC for training with Agents from other agencies is bogus. The TSA screeners are already taught aggressiveness, to the point of often dealing with passengers in a hostile manner. I can under stand the motive of the TSA hierarchy there is a motivational problem, one that is basic to everyone looking for terrorists, that is there are very few terrorists out there. We can play games with the K9 dogs, give them scents every hour or so, so that they can keep motivated, TSA can play games with screeners the same way, but they understand the test, that throws suspect objects digitally in bags. There is another part to this story that should be talked about. The cost, size, and weight of the CAT scan type x-ray systems used for checked bags has come down enough that they can be used for carry on bags. Which is a good thing in many ways, but has some down points as well. A checked bag has to have a bomb that is ready to go, since the passenger will not be touching the bag again, but carry on bags, the explosive, the battery or other detonating method can be carried in separate methods, making the bomb that much harder for an automatic system to catch. With a new President and administration, it maybe time to take another look at what we are trying to do at the TSA, it seems to have lost its way.
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