Wednesday, December 7, 2016

14 gunmen killed in shootout with police in Veracruz -

A statement like "weapon capable of piercing armored vehicles" needs to be qualified a bit, but the threat is true. To many folks think that driving around in an armored car is all it takes to stay safe. Not so, learning how to drive, how to stay out of ambush points, and have a response team around is needed as well. Learning to drive an armored vehicle is not all that easy, they do not handle the way a normal car does, and in fact each model and version of an armored vehicle have their own issues. Driving in Mexico can be tricky in a tank, ask the Cartels, they have a number of trucks, that are pretty much tanks, and they get hit quite a bit. If you are in the Reynosa area near the US Border, just surviving the first 300 yards from the Hidalgo downtown crossing into Mexico has huge issues, road that can be blocked very easy, quite a few ambush points, just to start. If you go North to the International Bridge crossing, your chances go up immensely, still you need to keep your head up and alert, as well as the speed up, not to high, but high enough to make it harder to hit you.
from CTI Consulting

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