Monday, December 12, 2016

7 killed in Tanker Train Explosion | Industrial Equipment News

I always worry when I see tanker or gasoline explosions, can happen, not really an explosion but a real fast spreading fire, but to many it looks and feels like an explosion. In this case another factor has been added, Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG as most of us know it by. This expands so rapidly that it can mix with air enough on it's own that it even takes on more of the look and feel of an explosion. In fact as it releases into nearby structures, it takes on the effect of a Mechanical Explosion. LNG is dangerous stuff and can be devastating when it releases and then ignites, still it is an expanding gas and much slower than explosives like TNT that detonate, it has more of a pushing effect than a cutting effect. Have a happy new year. and Merry Christmas to all.
from CTI Consulting

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