Friday, December 30, 2016

Amazon Echo involvement in murder case a reminder of how much our gadgets know about us | The Kansas City Star

Everyone needs to read this article, from that new gadget Amazon Echo to that automatic helper on your phone or computer, they all gather audio from the world around, often just snippets of conversation to very in depth queries that you use to search the internet, or call a friend or voice text a friend. All are recorded and held, sometime for ever. Police have now put this into their game plan, the ability to get warrants when needed for this held information. What is truly interesting is how many people have no idea these voice recording are being stored. Not only stored, but the date time and often location of the data was also stored. Be very careful, but also remember it may be to late, the information is stored and you may have problems. Remember those tax questions you asked your Amazon Echo, or Siri, or Cortana, they may now be available to Investigators if the suspect your are hiding something.
from CTI Consulting

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