Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Apple Store robbery in 15 seconds: GIF, VIDEO - Business Insider

Actually the store staff is doing what they have been taught, and is what most stores teach now day, let it happen, do not get yourself or our customers hurt. In most cases even store security it told to do the same thing, most of the items can be turned off remotely, they may sell to street folks that do not know that they are stolen and tracked or turned off or both. But even clothing stores handle thefts and shop lifting in the same way, keep customers as safe as you can, as well as the staff, and let it happen. Cost analysis so far points to this being the cheaper way of handling it. Now a small mom and pop store could go out of business with a theft like this and may well handle it differently, but the bad guys normally know the game and pick bigger named outlets that they maybe arrested later, but will not get hassled during the theft.
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