Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Are We In a New Era of Espionage? - Defense One

Yes, we are, but it has been coming and developing for over 10 years. Many will say much longer, the first and second Bill Clinton campaigns had email issues and a lot of Chinese money at play. It even had a bit of Chinese government sponsored attempted vote rigging, it is said attempted, mainly because there never was an investigation. In the years of the Reagan Administration, we constantly were under attack from the Russians, some Chinese, but mainly Soviets and then Russians. Even in trips to other countries our main threat would always be the Soviet/Russian teams. They were targeting typewriters, digital information showing on computer screens, some network attacks back even then. A lot of it we knew about because we were attacking them the same way. As are we the Russians and Chinese now, it is only good business, and as most spies will tell you business is good.
from CTI Consulting

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