Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Berlin attack: Police hunt Tunisian suspect after finding ID papers in truck -

There is a lot to learn from the investigation into this attack. One he was already being deported they just could not find him, how many millions do we have in the USA that are on the list for deportation and we can not find them. This attacker was stopped with bad Identity papers on his way to Italy, and a Judge let him go. The truck was hijacked hours before the attack, this would probably beat the ring of steel camera system in London, since it was not reported stolen or even missing when the attack happen. So we have a stolen truck, and driver that was already suspected of having Islamic radical ties, and was to be deported. Can this happen in the USA or, France, or London, yes. The set up in all three countries are vulnerable to this type of attack. Awareness is key to keeping you and your loved ones safe from this type of attack, since we know the Police can cover all events, and the bad guys are looking for soft targets. Here are some quick points on using awareness to help keep you safe in events like this.
from CTI Consulting

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