Saturday, December 24, 2016

Europe on Christmas high alert after truck attack in Berlin | Reuters

Europe is restricting heavy truck and Van's in city centers all over, but even a small car can do a lot of damage. If you go back to one of the first vehicle attacks in America, it was in Canada and the attacker used a car to attack soldiers coming off duty and walking along the highway. In running scenarios for one transportation authority with a large engineering company, we found that even a small VW could produce enough kinetic energy to do damage to facilities load bearing structural framing. This translates to having more than enough energy to kill multiple people, it chance of doing as much damage is of course lower, but if that is all that is allowed in the City Centers than it would work. And we all need to remember soft targets, if a City Center is not accessible, then they may change the targeting to smaller less populated events. In many rural areas pilgrimages are made from one holy site to another ending up in parades of people walking along highways and streets, a perfect target for one of these attackers. Remember if you are in of these events, keep your eyes open and a look out for suspect activity, as well as places to run to that could not be accessed by a fast or slow moving vehicles. Remembering the side to side movement of the attacker's vehicles slows it down, so the more off to one side or another of the attack, the safer you will be. Most people that fell victim to these attacks had no idea of the attack till they where hit. Go to the event of your choice, but just keep your eyes and ears open for suspect activity and be ready to move at a moments notice. And have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
from CTI Consulting

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