Monday, December 12, 2016

How to Protect All Your Internet-Connected Home Devices From Hackers

I have not tested this device yet, but I would imagine many more like it will be offered soon. IoT devices are hitting the market place in droves every day, I would imagine that during the Christmas gift giving season many homes will receive many more. Bit defender comes to the table as an established security firm, and I would like to test this one, but the recommendations at the end of the post are great ways to get your Interned of Things under some control at least. Offices are not immune to these attacks, and need to be analysed constantly for vulnerabilities. The makers of these devices can be suspect, but more importantly is that the makers of these devices for cost tend to use chip sets in them that are made my very suspect companies. I would suggest that in many cases you do not let the device link to your router that has internet access. Link them to old routers that you only use internally to your home or office, it restricts a lot of the services the IoT device can preform, but it also takes away the biggest vulnerabilities of them.
from CTI Consulting

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