Monday, December 5, 2016

ISIS declare Bloody Friday war on Trump inauguration day | World | News | Daily Express

Once again for fear of calling wolf way to often, we promulgate another ISIS threat, this time on the Inauguration day for President Trump, but as always we need to take the threat for real, and in a way it is, if we let them they will attack. Probably not the main inauguration events, but some softer target, we have not secured. Some off line republican event at a bar in South Texas, of supporters that no one would think is a target. But I also think this is going to be a way of life. It is for many of us in the security profession, but in the future will be a way of life for anyone that expects to survive. For those that have been trained or come by security awareness naturally, often called street smarts, you are ahead of the game. Others, find someone to train you, your co workers your family and your friends. Always try and be in a group of folks that are aware, it helps, we all miss things at times. I just got over a fairly sever cold, flu, what ever, and was on medication that along with my symptoms, made me far less aware than normal. If you drink a few glasses of wine, or a few beers, you also will be off your game a bit, as when you have allergies, and take over the counter medicines, or heaver stuff. One of the first things we need to be aware of is our own status at the moment, I often use Sudoku to gauge what level I am working and thinking at. But anything you can do like this will help, most of us can just feel to some extent where we are at, but if you are impaired a bit, you can get false signals. In any case, after you have figured out where you are at, then you want to be aware of what is going on around you. If it is a new area, quickly get a base line, then from there build the normal and un normal things going on around you, your base line will adapt as you learn. But I digress, we need to be aware of what ISIS may do next, with out worrying if we have covered all the bases, but just that we are aware of what is normal and what is not normal. Grasshopper :)
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