Friday, December 9, 2016

Man charged in connection with murder in Donna along Expressway | Local News |

The Shooter was in the USA illegally and the fear from Police was that if he knew they had him in their sights, he would cross over the border, as others have in the past. The hope here in the Valley is that since this has been labeled a drug related incident, it will be put on the back burner. The victim crashed his car in the end, think if he had hit people waiting for a bus, or walking along the street, or hit your car forcing you off the road. To many people have this view that as long as they do not participate in the drug culture, they are safe, and the Police often take the same view. It is a view in the end that tends to glamorize Cartel hit men, and down plays the danger these people put the citizens of the USA, Texas, and the RGV in, daily danger as they live their lives.
from CTI Consulting

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