Thursday, December 15, 2016


Here is a white paper on How a Standard Interface Heightens Cybersecurity Here is a well done white paper for perhaps the next level of cyber security: Measures using Location Data A white paper for corporate security system integrators, location data has been a part of older security protocols, but it looks like it is becoming a factor again. Once again not a silver bullet, it can be defeated in a number of way, but if you add it to other security measures as outlined here, it does offer another level, that maybe enough for the bad guys to go somewhere else. It hearkens back to another old USSS proverb that you often can not protect something 100%, but you do want to make it harder to hit you than someone else. I have often used it in risk assessments, we need to make our client the hardest of the folks in the area to hit. Here PSIA is doing the same thing adding location as another security measure.
from CTI Consulting

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