Thursday, December 15, 2016

Police arrest Heathrow baggage handlers as £10m cocaine smuggling racket is foiled | Daily Mail Online

Insider threats are the biggest issue we are dealing with these days as many other vulnerabilities are being dealt with or at least some solutions are being developed. These insider threat issues have plagued every DHS critical sector risk analysis since the start of DHS. It really first came to light back in the 80's when 13 attack scenario's had been developed for Nuclear facilities. A number of the scenario's had dealt with insider threat issues. In the end since no real solution could be recommended, they did away with them. Later 13 similar attack scenarios where given to a number of aviation security companies to include the US Navy to test. CTI was one of the firms selected and we ran into the same issues the Nuclear security folks had, Insider threats are tough to stop. The best solution is each of us keeping an eye on our fellow workers to see if they are having changes in life that may affect security.
from CTI Consulting

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