Monday, December 12, 2016

Sen. Charles Schumer Calls for All Transit Workers to Be Cross-Checked Against Terror List - WSJ

I think it is a good idea, tho I am not sure what the next step is at this point. All transit workers is a broad term, cleaners, shop owners, are all part of the transit worker cadre, and in an airport environment would normally be checked against the list. But there is also a regulated party involved, the airport, who are the regulated parities at a train station, or bus station. It actually is a thorny problem. The next problem is at an airport even a ship port, once you leave the port your threat to some extent is lowered. On a bus or a train, the threat is probably even greater. Train rails can be damaged, buses can be attacked along the route. The other issue is all the little train stations along the route, or the bus stations along it's route, there are just two many to secure.
from CTI Consulting

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