Friday, December 30, 2016

SimpliSafe DIY Security System Investigation Yields Disturbing Results - Security Sales and Integration

To me this is a hit piece that has been developed to try and push everyone into professional alarm installations. Which if you have the money for, I would also advise wealthy home owner's and businesses to do. It is not certain that a lot of Insurance companies would consider this system not professionally installed as acceptable. But for most home owners and small businesses this alarm system will be more than effective at keeping burglars away. Last year I was asked to review the SimpliSafe system as a stand alone and monitored system. It is not the cheapest stand alone system, and with deals you get for signing longer term contracts, may not be the cheapest of monitored systems. But does it work as an alarm system, yes. Does it work as a quickly installable system by the home owners, yes. Can I beat other alarms systems even professionally installed ones with the same attacks as they are using against this system, yes. SimpliSafe alarms are a great out of the box systems, that a homeowner or even apartment renter can get up and working as a local alarm system very quickly. Yes there are cheaper systems on the market that will works out of the box for local alarms, but for the normal home owner this is one of the easiest. As far as attacks on the system, if high level attackers are targeting you, then most alarms costing 20 times as much will fail as well. Any wireless alarm system can be beaten by the same attacks, as well as most hardwired systems. For EP ( Executive Protection) teams, this is a very usable system that can be set up and taken down as needed in a few min. The final condemnation of the SimpliSafe system was to say it can only work with their monitoring stations, I have used the local output from the simplisafe system to a traditional alarm dialer and it works just fine. Are there limitations to the SimpliSafe system, yes, but most are the same limitations all alarm systems have.
from CTI Consulting

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