Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Terrorism officers arrest man at Heathrow Airport - BBC News

At some point I hope we learn more about both these arrests. In the one it would appear he was on a watch list of some type and picked up coming thru customs, on the other it would appear he triggered some one's radar. It is the triggering of that radar, that we need to under stand and teach others. As I teach Police and Bodyguards as well as other security folks it is evident that we have a growing level of expertise in detecting these folks. A lot of what we have to work on is getting that expertise to the next generation of security and just regular folks, that is how we win this, or at least start to win this battle with terrorists and other bad guys, both home grown and officially trained. If you have any words of wisdom please let us know, we can give you access to our blog or other social media points.
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